Domestic Nexus

This body of art is an on-going exploration of the intersection between the body, home, and the landscape.

Previous iterations of this installation play space can be found at these links:

Excerpt from PhD Exegesis concerning this exploration:

“This research grew from critiquing the sense of tension between my body and the environment. I found this tension repeated in my inquiry through my frustration at the visual dominance of mathematical space in my home’s interior and the surrounding urban environment. Critiquing this frustration led me to identify how habitual perception of these seemingly stable, standardised environments, in coincidence with mundane routine, can dull phenomenological depth: we don’t so much open out to these spaces as contain our subjectivities within them. Deliberation on these observations broke with this habitual perception at various points, prompting me to sense these ordinary environments more deeply as a world that strikes my body on its sensory surfaces.

Gaston Bachelard notes that “a house is first and foremost a geometrical object, one which we are tempted to analyse rationally.”[1] However, Bachelard elaborates, the lived house is transposed to the human plane whenever it “is considered a place of cheer and intimacy.”[2] In this fullness, the primacy of the home’s rational geometry yields to the home’s dream world. In seeking to plot the interaction of this geometry and its dream, I gradually disrupted the sensible partition of my common sense. In fact, my aversion to the mathematical, the utilitarian, and the standardised fixed in place my perception of inert, dead, matter.” (p. 135 – 136)

[1] Bachelard, The Poetics, 48.

[2] Bachelard, The Poetics,48.

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