Playing with space… testing out installation ideas at Scope Galleries

I was fortunate to have a space for a week at Scope Galleries at the start of September in order to test out installation approaches for my PhD Research project entitled Activating Aesthetic Subjectivity in Embodied Environments.  The need to test out ideas in the flesh became apparent after a recent trip to ANU to meet with my supervisors. Pursuing a practice led project off-campus can be a tricky situation. For much of my almost four years of research I have spent time imagining how my final installation will unfold- I am at that point now where I need to begin earthing these ideas out to see what works, how is fits together and what comes next.

Whilst I have presented installation from my research in the last year or so they have been based around a single work that creates a single space. Just as the title of my blog suggests, however, I am interested in processing the multi-dimensionality of spaces: Metabolic Synaesthete… synaesthesia being the cross wiring of the sense that I experience and that so drives my creative practice.

So with this experimental space I am bringing together particular lines of thought/studio practice in order to see a) how to further develop them b) how they interact with the other lines of thought c) to see what kind of spaces I can create d) to see what themes/feelings/concepts/aesthetics further emerge…

It begins with layering the floor with spent town planning maps to play with ideas about constructing spaces. & then laying out two bodies of work: my Watershed Dinner Set; my Orange Photo Boxes


Orange Photo Boxes…



adding domestic furniture to build on the sense of warmth and home….


spiral waves, water forms- ebb & flow, entropy & renewal, fluidity, change, cleanliness, clarity…

spiral 1

wave drawing 1


relationships and interplays

orange circles

full 2 full 1

full 3

Using video and sound (audio of a washing machine) to fill the space, and to create movement

full4 full5

Splitting video with mirrors- like a digital sky space… cool as results, definitely further exploration to be had…


vid1 vid2

Playing with this space was so fruitful, it has left me with a bunch of ideas to develop & plans to set up another experimental space just as soon as I can

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