Standing in this River on Its way out to the Sea…

Shower Funnel_1

I responded to the artist brief announced as Phenomena late last year. I found that the brief was congruent with my own goals of finding ways to imagine to embodied and material magic that it is to be awake in a living breathing universe. I created this odd, warm form through an intuitive process- I felt the kind of shape that wanted to be made and worked my way through from there.

I laboured over this painterly sculpture through summer and early Autumn and submitted my application to the Beams Festival in March. I was caught by complete surprise when I read an email in early July letting me know that my work was accepted into the festival program, wow!! How exciting to have such a super cool reason to go to Sydney for a complete treat of an art festival 🙂


300dpi_Shower Funnel_4_Becky Nevin Berger

I really let my heart and my imagination run free with this work. It is titled Shower Funnel Wave Form/Standing in this River on Its way out to the Sea. It is made form a recycled paper and plaster compound and painted in layers of acrylic polymer paint. Embedded within the funnel is a speaker that plays the sound of a running shower. This work draws out understanding of the relationship between humans and the environment that have emerged through my PhD research.

300dpi_Shower Funnel_5_Becky Nevin Berger

It is a big surreal and romantic ode to water, it is a French kiss to nature.

Tomorrow we hit the road to journey 12 hours to Sydney so that this artwork may meet the world, wish me luck!


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