Participatory Art Practice

This is my space for talking about the what I do as a Participatory Arts Practitioner…. This is a core part of what I have done with my time since 2001. My passion is developing unique programs and projects that give community members a positive way to be engaged in their environments. The idea is that through coming together as a group and using our hands to make meaningful art we invest ourselves in our shared reality and often raise our sense of personal and communal well-being in the process.

I am guided by my core research that views a person as an embodied consciousness in continual interaction and overlap with their physical, psychological and social environment. Over the years I have identified concepts that support and guide my practice:
Positive Psychology
Deep Ecology
Social Model of Health
Through my Community and Participatory Art Practice I promote opportunities for self-empowerment…. and we have so much fun!

Metabolic Synaesthete

The phrase Metabolic Synaesthete describes the way in which we connect with our world absorbing and processing it to produce ourselves and co-create our realities. I am an artist who works across artforms to inquire into the nature of our relationship with the world and, where appropriate, to reinvent this relationship. I use drawing and painting, sculpture, installation and new media. My practice includes intimate studio inquiry, arts research and the development of participatory art programs.

I am currently a PhD Candidate through the Sculpture Workshop at the Australian National University. My research centres on developing an understanding of the body that accounts for the overlapping of embodied conscious with its environment. This notion is called aesthetic subjectivity and I examine it through a creative practice led inquiry of my domestic environment.

Aesthetic Subjectivity: an embodied consciousness embedded in and emergent from its environment.