The Warm Safe Home Project

By Cobden Men’s Shed and Cobden Artist Group: Cobden Artist group members Valerie Coverdale, Emily Whiteside, Marilyn Kimber, Linda Castaldo, & Jeanette Warner

This year the Warm Safe Home Project has continued to grow. This time with a focus on connecting with men’s Sheds and artists across South West Victoria to create version of this project called “Stories to Understand”. This work is undertaken through my role as Elder Abuse Prevention Worker for Everybody’s Business Elder Abuse Prevention Network.

Unfortunately most of us have seen or heard of a situation that fits the description of elder abuse, even if we didn’t know to call it that. “Stories to Understand’ uses narrative and visual imagery to connect people through the humanity and ordinariness of elder abuse situations. The Warm Safe Home Project “Stories to Understand” exhibition was officially opened at Gateway Plaza on June 25 2021 by Warrnambool Mayor Cr Vicki Jellie AM. These houses will tour through south west Victoria until April 2022.

These houses and the stories that accompany them will also be included in a beautiful new resource that has been put together to educate people about elder abuse, and to enable anyone to participate in the Warm Safe Home project.

Photos by Glenn Watson Photograph. Houses by Lismore Mens Shed & Emma Stenhouse, Crossley Mens Shed & Teresa O’Brien, Cobden Mens Shed & Cobden Artist Group, Portland Mens Shed & Cat Bailey, Penshurst Mens Shed & Mary Stewart & Elizabeth Siecker.

Image credit: Jordan Gould
Artists from left to right: Emily Whiteside, Linda Castaldo, Marilyn Kimber, Emma Stenhouse, and Catherine Bailey
By Emma Stenhouse and Lismore Men’s Shed
By Penshurst Men’s Shed and artists Mary Stewart & Elizabeth Siecker
Portland Men’s Shed and Cat Bailey, with artist assistance from Miranda Peile

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