Light Chamber Observatory


One of the really exciting parts of the Kitchen Table Art Expedition is the creation of the Light Chamber Observatory….. This structure will be built at the end of Macarthur Primary School’s Kitchen Garden. It is a “child centred” design that includes bench seating, a blackboard and the real treat: a coloured Perspex atrium!! It will also include observation equipment like a thermometer, rain gauge and weather vain. Each of the three expedition parties will make a set of permanent sculptures which will be used to decorate areas of it. We will also take a digital photograph of a drawing/painting by each explorer which will be turned into a transparent sticker and then adhered to the Perspex to create a stained glass window effect- it will look pretty amazing!

We have been working in collaboration with the Macarthur Men’s Shed to organise the construction. We will use as much recycled materials as possible in the building, this is for environmental and economic reasons but mostly because we this that a collage of materials- corrugated iron, timber etc- will contrast with the bright Perspex to make a really intriguing space for the children. We have already had our roof donated by one of the Men’s Shed members, an old corrugated tank cut to size…

The initial design is picture at the bottom right of the above image (you can click on it to enlarge the view), over the last few weeks I have undertaken a re-design process in line with the Light Chamber Observatory’s evolution. The large image above is the final form that it will take…. construction begins in July for a September completion…..

2 thoughts on “Light Chamber Observatory

  1. I made a drawing with oil pastels of bushes and then i put a light water colour paint over the top. this will go on the perspex. that will then go onto the light chamber observatory.

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