Hawkesdale Community Art Mosaic


Back in April this year Moyne Shire’s Youth Development Officer Geraldine Edar asked if I would work on a mosaic project organised by her Youth Councillors. The location of the project was in South West Victoria’s Hawkesdale, a small community with a P-12 School, Shop, Church, Pub and Hall. I spent a couple of weeks in consultation with the interested parties and drew from existing drawings (from the Youth Council run design competition) to create a design that reflected aspects of the Hawkesdale environment. The finished work will be installed next to the Memorial Hall. It has four panels of three different dimensions. I began construction in May and have worked steadily on this project until it was finally completed yesterday. Students also contributed to this creation in a number of ways, including smashing the tiles which they thought was a blast!

It has been a massive task to bring this work to completion and I was glad to apply the file coat of sealer to the grout yesterday!! The Panels will be installed in the next fortnight and the concluded art work will be opened at 12:30pm Wednesday 18th of September. Quite a few Hawkesdale locals have commented on the work through its production, all with really positive things to say- which gives me the feeling that they will be happy to have it in the centre of town 🙂 I drive through Hawkesdale about once a year with my family on our way through to the Grampians, it will be nice to a creative connection to the place as we go through….


Here’s a look at the works in progress…. the above panels dimensions are 180cm x 120cm, the big mama’s below are 240cm x 180cm


These final panels are the babies, both are 120cm x 90cm



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