All PhDs must come to an end- Exit Paper and onwards…

I began my PhD in February 2012. My idea was to use creative practice to investigate the idea of aesthetic subjectivity. My hypothesis was that the aesthetic dimension of our experience acted as a conduit between the body and the world. I felt that aesthetic languages developed through exploring my body’s connection to its environment and making art could enable me to trace this connection. I began by examining my relationship to a number of key landscapes and then narrowed my research focus to the domain of my family home. Over time my home became a lens through which to look at the landscape and through this process I came to understand how the body overlaps with its environment.

In May 2017 I presented my Exit Paper at the ANU School of Art Graduate Conference. It was a big step towards bringing my research project to its conclusion.  This paper provides a good summary of my research and includes images of work completed through this inquiry. You’ll find the link here:

Examining Aesthetic Subjectivity in Embodied Environments- Becky Nevin Berger_ ANU School of Art Exit Paper

My paper refers to a short film made during this research. The film is called Inside Out and you can watch it below.




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