Light Expedition Crew… Exploring Ligh, Art & Science

Ephemeral Light
During the winter weeks of the Kitchen Table Art Expedition I worked with the Light Explorers. I had so much fun with this really interesting group of personalities and thinkers. We spent the first two weeks playing with ephemeral sculpture. I have come to quite enjoy facilitating the students at Macarthur in this practice. We begin by looking at images of other artists that include, among others, Chris Drury and Andy Goldsworthy. The students then get to go out into the yard, find their materials and create their own piece of earth art. I guide them in this process and ask that they bear in mind the topic of their expedition party. They spend the first week working individually and the second week working as a whole group to create their larger work. After spending the morning brain storming about the nature and idea of Light the group came up with their collaborative work- a Part Bon Fire Part Volcano that drew on ideas of fire, lava and the Earth’s origins as star dust….

Light Permanent
The explorers spent the next three weeks developing their understanding of light and colour. We drew on that clever fellow Isaac Newton and his illumination (pun intended) of the properties of white light. The crew made colour wheels and put them in motion… Drawing from this experiment they designed novelty colour wheels to be attached as permanent features on the Light Chamber Observatory…. I had a blast with these bright sparks 