Hawkesdale Community Hall Mosaic up & ready

Hawkesdale Mosaic Complete

I was busy completed the Light Chamber Observatory the afternoon that this grand mosaic was unveiled to the public on Wednesday 28th of September. A couple of Saturdays ago I was finally able to see the finished beast standing tall and proud alongside the Community Hall… and I was pleasantly impressed, it is actually quite a strong work with loads of colour and character. The Moyne Shire crew who undertook the installation extended the legs so that the art work is now easily seen as you drive through Hawkesdale main thoroughfare. My favourite parts are the three-dimensional features including the clouds and reeds which make the work just that bit more sculptural.

Hawkesdale Mosaic Complete_2

Hawkesdale Memorial Hall Mosaic

Main Panel

I have been working in conjunction with students from Hawkesdale College on a project initiated by the Youth Council (run through the Moyne Shire). My involvement in this project began in May. I have been busy designing, constructing & mosaicking since…. Each week students from the college have contributed to the production in a number of ways, in the past few weeks they have finally been able to join in the laying of tiles as well.

There are four panels in total that will make up the finished artwork. The image above is of the largest one (click to enlarge)… so far things are looking good 🙂