A significant body of work…

Over the course of my research I made a number of series of artworks that explored the intersection between the body and the environment. The home- the built house and the domestic interior- became a significant framework through which to map this intersection. Presenting these works at the ANU Sculpture Workshop as part of my PhD examination provided me with the opportunity to install these works together. Functioning as another test site, this proxy domestic space honoured the virtual one that illuminated my imagination throughout the research process. I plan to revisit these works and this format- there is unfinished business here that deserves fuller realisation in its own exhibition process.

Bringing the video work “Gaia is Symbiosis as seen from Space” into this installation was again critical to activating the artworks. A sense of this is captured in the video found via this link: https://youtu.be/REWz7kWsOEI

Gaia is Symbiosis at the Silver Ball 2014

2014 and was such a busy year for me! One of my highlights was having my video “Gaia is Symbiosis as Seen From Space” included in Warrnambool’s  Silver Ball Film Festival. (Venture further down my blog posts to find out more about this video & its role in Artists In Schools 2013). My video is currently posted on a kind friends Vimeo channel & you can check it out by following the link above- rather than the “arty” version, it is the “brief-story-of-how-it-happened” version, its a lot of fun but it might make you dizzy!!

The Silver Ball Film Festival was held outdoors in and amongst Warrnambool’s laneways last May. It was staffed by numerous devoted arts people in Charlie Chapman kit. It was a freezing yet spectacular night you can read more about it below.